Custom designed templates for use with magic mirror and photo booths.  Templates can be deisgned to compliment your event theme.

Post event, your photos can also be crafted into the.  You may also decide to incorporate some of these into an event ‘Magic Memories’ video.


First Dance

Traditionally associated with weddings, a first dance or celebration dance can be incorporated into any type of event.  Why not let us make this a special moment with a custom design of your chosen track(s).

Custom music is not the only option, you may wish to have confetti, dry ice for the low cloud effect or even specific lighting through colour and movemment options to further enhance the special moment.


Slide Shows

Everyone has photographs that provide the timeline for those special to us through their life.  Photographs can also capture the speical moments and mielstones of corporate life.

Why not let us turn these captured memories in to a playable timeline.  Whether digital files or prints, we can bring the memories to life and have on show at your event.


Signs Posters

To enjoy your event guests must first find it.  Provide a clear path and a warm welcome with custom signs designed and built to match your event theme.
Custom posters can also be designed.  Optimised for online use or printed onto your mateial of choice.

These posters can the be posted online to publicise your event or posted around then venue to help enhance your theme.